[Buying] Leather,books,bookshelf

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  1. smp8 I need at least 2 stack and can`t be too expensive

    I need it at 16021

    will pay up to 10r a piece if all of it is there

    I will also take books and bookshelfs

    if its not in smp8 i prefer in utopia but anywhere is fine

    also check out the MCDS forum post if you want a job
  2. I'll sell for... 20r the piece!!
  3. So what is the average price of books??
  4. Never mind someone already sold me enough
  5. after i posted this
  6. i sell 6r books @ 1o04 smp1 if u need some
  7. too late i already have the books however if i need some ill go to your res i might need a log book for deliveries