Buying Large volumes of Obsidian

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  1. I need at least 10 stacks of it, for now.
  2. Smp2, /v 3456

    I think i have two stacks. Purple floor.
  3. I have a stack that I know of, maybe more. Are you going to set up a chest somewhere?
  4. I guess that would be a simple way to do it. smp4, 8008.
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  5. I can get 7 stacks by the end of the week? Sound good? i sell 4 for 30 so that would come out to 480r a stack, and...3360 rupee total. Sound fair?
  6. That sounds perfect.
  7. Got it, ill ill start now
  8. I have stacks of obsidian in chests at lot 6493 for sale
  9. Which server?
  10. I have 1 chestful of obsidian at 10030 smp5. 10r/ea.
  11. oh im sorry. Smp3