[BUYING] Large Obsidian Generator

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  1. I am looking to buy a large obsidian generator that either uses string or just lava buckets (preferably lava). PM me and we can talk price. I would like to see a picture of the generator so I know what to buy. Or I can see it in game. I am willing to supply everything if you give me a list of supplies.

  2. Pfft, just go to FNM with an E5 pick and find a lava lake. :p
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  3. i prefer the safety of town :)
  4. The string/redstone transmutation no longer works as of 1.8.. The only way to make an obsidian generator now is a semi-complex machine which mimics the water on lava source transformation (which is now the only way of generating obsidian) there is a video for it on youtube but it is extremely impractical as you need hundreds of bucket for lava, which would need to be refilled every so often. The video only has the tutorial to make it with 5 blocks per run, but I can note that it can be expanded to at least 8 blocks (as I have done that far at least..) and it may be possible to mirror it off of 1 button to run 16, but the amount of resources to do just 8 is ridiculous enough..

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  5. Ok, materials aren't a problem for me. Thanks for this. I am probably going to use this.