Buying Large amount of glass

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  1. Hey im buying ALOT of glass (not glass panes either) and i need them for cheap. So if anyone can help me out that would be awsome :) Thanks
  2. I'm selling glass blocks for 50 rupees / stack on SMP3, 6046 if you still need them.
  3. I'm currently selling glass 32 for 50r. I'd be willing to discount the price based on the amount you intend to purchase. We're on SMP7 - Lot 14869, or PM me ingame. I'm on most nights after 5PM EST.
  4. Come to Smp5, either 10025,10030, or Queendiva1 has them for cheap
  5. ill give you a small chest for 15r
  6. lol creeper what is a chest gonna do me?

    And thanks guys, ill be sure to check u guys out ! ^_^
  7. Small chest full of glass is what he means
  8. I believe Creeper was offering you a small chest of glass, for 15r...
  9. full of Sand Idiot and i wont over charge you
    how bout 1r?
  10. Creeper is a friend and i was just buggin him :p and ill be right there
  11. 10500
    ill make a chest in my shop
  12. What server?
  13. a few stacks there
  14. lol i cant xP im out in the wilderness :(