(Buying) Lapis Lazuli

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  1. Yep that is pretty much the gist of it. I need a lot of it.

    EDIT: I no longer need lapis. Thank you.
  2. I sell some at 7291, SMP3.
  3. Edit: found it.
  4. Bump. Still buying
  5. I got some at 15122 smp 7
  6. Do you have a shop set up?
  7. I do not. I've been bouncing around from one smp to the other.
  8. smp1 1783 has a chest full msg me if you empty it and ill refill
  9. Are you referring to the lapis dye or block? As of now the dye is all I can find. I'll keep looking.
  10. Why do u need lapis?
  11. What I'm building requires one stack of lapis block per floor. 15-20 floors to go. I just can't mine that amount and be done this year :).
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  12. Man u need a lot of money or expert miners
  13. I just went diamond ;)
  14. Yeah i know my bro diamond_viper were having a conversation and he also told me u were diamond! :)
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  15. Lapis At 1004 smp1 for sale
  16. I have all the lapis I need now. About 45k worth. That's what rupees are for :) .
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  17. hope I helped
  18. Only a lot. Happyshopper = one stop shopping. I would have saved a few hours of Smp shop surfing, had I gone there first. But I did share the wealth with some smaller shops which I do feel good about.
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  19. Cough 1783