Buying: Lapis Blocks

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  1. I'm buying Lapis Blocks (couple of stacks). Tell me your prizes/amounts.
  2. i got some for you :)
  3. Where can I get them :D?
  4. ask me in game :)
  5. Check out Buttros' shop on smp5. He'll have some.
  6. res number ?
  7. 11290
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  8. Still looking for Lapis Blocks used up about 8 Stacks and I'm barely at half of what it requires so who has lapis ? :D
  9. go to 9000, i sell some lapis, per 9 pieces (so that makes one block.)
  10. I am on smp 1 I have 88 that I can sell, what are you willing to pay?
  11. Thx for the lapis :) Still not enough though :D Where do I get more :D?
  12. I restocked @ 9000!
  13. gladly taking it :)
  14. Still looking for Lapis :D!
  15. i have 8 lapis blocks on smp5 at 10322
    for sale
  16. Someone just sold me a ton I think.. 4421 SMP2
  17. Ahaha thanks :)
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  18. always want to help :p
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  19. Still not enough lapis. Who else sells? :D