[BUYING] Jungle Saplings 20r each (1280r a stack) at 8122 smp4

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  1. I Buy Jungle Saplings from you for 20r each (1280r a stack) at res # 8122 on smp4.

    I farm jungle trees and sell Jungle Saplings, so I am always looking to Buy more Jungle Saplings from you.

    This can be a decent way for someone to make rupees, just go to the wild, and break Jungle Tree leaves (my preference is to use the vines as a ladder to climb up, break the top leaves/wood above the vine to get on the very top, then I go from top down, breaking leaves, collecting each sapling, next I go back up and harvest the wood from top down).

    In the Wild, Inventory slots can be precious, so here is some perspective; one stack of iron often sells for about 500r, whereas I Buy 1 stack of Jungle Saplings for 1280r, so your inventory slot can be about 2.5 times more valuable collecting jungle saplings to sell to me, as opposed to collecting iron.

    Thank you.
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  2. Selling Tip:
    Some people have had trouble selling to my chest and other chests. I have noticed that sometimes the item needs to be up in your inventory, and you need to right-click with your empty hand, not with an item. Then, the sale works! Thanks. P.S. I buy diamond and leather too - check out 8122 on smp4 - thanks.
  3. Update: Since I still need suppliers for Jungle Saplings, I will offer to trade 1 emerald for each Jungle Sapling you give me (as long as the saplings were not bought at my shop - you see the point is to help me keep Jungle Saplings in stock). Please trade 16 or more saplings at once (I can not always meet every person wanting to trade a single sapling). Send me a PM or post here if you are interested in this or a similar trade. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone want Emeralds? Cost: One Jungle Sapling each. If you trade a stack or more, I will throw in extra. Thanks.
  5. I always need Jungle Saplings sold to 8122 Jungle Shop (smp4), but especially now.

    You can sell me one or even stacks to the chest in the middle of 8122 on smp4.

    My Sell chest pays you 20r per Jungle Sapling (that is 1280r per stack) !
    And I have about 25,000r dedicated to paying people that sell to my Jungle Shop.

    I will be doing a cool project soon that will require a Ton of Jungle tree resources.
    I like to collect the resources myself, most of the time, but I need help getting Jungle Saplings.

    I need your help. Please sell some Jungle Saplings to 8122 Jungle Shop (smp4), sell chest in the middle.

    Then I will grow, multiply, and harvest the Jungle Trees for my project.

    Thank you very much, in advance, for helping me with this cool project. I will post when the project it is done, so you can check it out.