[BUYING] Jungle Leaves

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  1. Hey guys. :)

    I need about 30 DC's of Jungle Leaves, but right now I'm only buying 8 DC's, so here is what I'm doing. This is oriented more towards those who need fast, easy rupees, but obviously anyone is welcome.

    On SMP1, on res 1017, I have sell chests set up. You can sell me 27 stacks of jungle leaves for 1000r. :D
  2. May I ask why?
  3. It's for my four res garden, I'm building a ginormous tree. :D
  4. Good job sir, eco-friendly builds :D
    I need some coal for my power plant, anyone? <--- That is a joke
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  5. If you place an order on my supply company, I could probably get you as many as you need.
  6. Okay Ark, I will do that. :)
  7. cool