Buying items

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  1. I will pay top dollar for the following items, pm me if you can provide them
    5 stacks of diamonds
    5 stacks diamond ore
    5 stacks emeralds
    5 stacks emerald ore
    5 stacks circle stone
    10 stacks bottle o' enchanting
    Stack of dispensers
    3 stacks of red stone
    1/2 stack of red stone repeaters
  2. i can sell 3 stacks of diamond and 5 stacks of emeralds
  3. I can sell the Circle stone, What is your price for it?
    I can also sell repeaters
  4. bump, I need the items in orange
  5. I have enchant bootles
  6. Buy all this at /v 1112
  7. I could get the Diamond ores maybe.. might take a while
  8. I could get the bottles o enchanting
  9. Drop party much?