[ BUYING ] Iron

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  1. I need iron. Lots of it . . .

    Per stack : 504r
    Per Ingot : 8r

    Per Iron Ore : 4r
    Per Stack : 252r
  2. I sell Iron for 7r each at my place on smp8 -- there's 5 or 6 stacks in the chest, I think
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  3. Res #?
  4. I don't know! It's on the west side of spawn -- the big tower.
  5. I am tired of clicking - mind putting a 64 ingots for Xr
  6. I have a ton of Iron at 18648 on smp9, you can buy it by the Block and break it up if you need to

    what res are you buying it at?
  7. I come xD
  8. I bought margaritte and sgx2000 some of their iron. I will still take orders, but I will likely buy tomorrow :)
  9. Wow I see creppa when I post something like this I get no reply's....you have some fans I see :p
  10. how much more iron are you in the market for?
  11. Over 9000 ;)
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  12. Bumping it to the top!
  13. I have a few stacks of iron at 18310 smp9
  14. I can sell it to you by the stack i have a iron farm... With Twitch1....
  15. I have 2 stacks :D smp7 14232 pm me the time 1.5k for 2 stacks :D
  16. It takes me a While... but i can get alot for you :) and i will save them on smp1...
  17. Do you need it for the emerald factory?
  18. 16803! On smp8... if Im out of stock Ill go restock!
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  19. 1004 smp1 sell iron ingot for 6r
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  20. 4005 SMP2 - Iron ingots at 6r :)
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