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  1. Hey everyone! I am currently buying iron in these prices:
    1 ingot - 6r
    8 ingots - 50r
    16 ingots - 100r
    24 ingots - 150r
    32 ingots - 210r
    64 ingots - 420r
    128 ingots - 800r
    Please comment if you wanna sell me some iron! P.S: The price gets better the more you sell at once as you can see :)
  2. It only increases once you sell 32 ingots or higher, the rest are for 5 RP each, and that is not enough. Sell them at 8-10 RP each.
  3. yeah.... you might have a problem... i think pthagaard brought all the iron in EMC...
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  4. i realised, srsly, why u just have to comment things like that? i said the p.s bit cause i didnt want people to comment 'they are different prices' and stuff like that, but i dont think it worked -__-
  5. Please read my post again. All I was saying is that if people only have eight ingots they want to sell you, they would be ripped off at the price you are selling them for. 1 iron ingot is worth 8-10 rupees. Understand?
  6. i know, and you also commented on the price going abit higher....
  7. I would sell you 128 iron ingots, except I don't HAVE 128 iron ingots :3
  8. make the price higher... its way too low
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  9. I might have some 6r iron left at 4005 SMP2. No guarantees :)
  10. No you don't. I bought the remaining. (As of this post)
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  11. I just put in random numbers :) (changed it)
  12. Make 1 ingot 10 ruppes, then everything is easier.
  13. 9000 on smp4 sells Iron Ingot's for 9r per piece at the moment, you might want to consider that in your buying (;
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  14. Yes, that is a great price.