[buying] Iron Ingots/ Redstone Dusts

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  1. Hi, I need a lot of iron to make hoppers, redstone to make piston stuff and bla bla bla. I'm sadly always running out even after buying a lot of DC's and my Office is yet to be done :(.

    Anyway, if someone be able to sell me a dc for 7k he would be the best but I would like not to go more than 8-9k if possible. (SC's can be done)

    If anyone would be interrested to trade there DC's for enchanted books or enchanted materials It would help me a lot!

    If anyone would be interrested to help me complete my office do not hesitate to offer your iron or and redstone so I can buy it!

    Thx for reading and have a good day :)
  2. Can you do SCs?
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  3. I actually have some redstone if you still need it. More than willing to negotiate. :)
  4. cool do you have a t least a single chest?
  5. I have a lot of both could likely fill a DC with ingots and dust. willing to negotiate
  6. To be more clear sorry thats a DC of ingots and DC of dust.
  7. I only have 2 stacks of redstone. Haven't gone out yet and got more.
  8. sry im taking only at least a single chest, bump i can trade any kind of books for those materials!
  9. Are they regular or enchanted books?
  10. enchanted books
  11. bump i can trade encahnted books of any kind for redstone/iron !
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  12. i have loads of hoppers for sale at /v +walmart on smp5. apparently i have the best price in all of EMC
  13. Thx for telling me I'll come by check it out!
  14. I have a buttload of redstone i would like to trade for enchanted stuff
  15. I have a SC or red stone on hand but I can get a DC in about a day
  16. Nice what would you like for a dc? I can repeat it after for the number of dc you got
  17. How much would you sell it for?
  18. Pm me and we can work out a price :)
  19. bump looking for iron