buying iron ignots

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  1. anyone sell cheap iron ignots?
  2. 14224..... smp7...
  3. I suggest stating a buying price
  4. Buy mine their for 7r per iron ingot OR but 6r per Iron ORE.
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  5. can i buy a stack for 420r
  6. just go click dat sign 64 times. :)
  7. y u no go out of stock! *continues clicking sign*

    Oh, and I also sell iron ingots at 6r each :)
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  8. Step 1: Go to Smp2
    Step 2: /v AlexChance 4
    Step 3: Buy iron to your hearts content
    Step 4: Profit!
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  9. Well, I sell 5r an ingot on SMP4, 8478, along with 7r gold ingots, 35r diamonds, and 9r blaze rods! :)
  10. how do i close a thread
  11. Ask a mod