[Buying] Iron Golem Farm

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  1. Hey EMC!

    I'm looking to buy an efficient Iron golem farm at least a stack of Iron blocks an hour, I live on SMP4 so unless it's close by there I can't go there.

    PM me the stats of your farm eg. Iron Blocks Per Min/Hour etc.

    Please make sure to send me a price and the server location :)

  2. How do u create an iron farm? You can't simply create iron...can you?
  3. An Iron farm is an "Iron Golem Farm" which is created using doors, villagers, water, lava, any type of normal block (that doesnt burn) and a light source.
  4. I don't think much people would give it away, you should maybe make your own?
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  5. Well I didn't know you could make on like that. I will have to look into making one.
  6. I can make my own, but I don't really have the time :(
  7. You can make it out of wood, if you're careful ;)
  8. People aren't allowed to sell farms, mob spawners, pieces of land, etc. Unless you're asking for someone's service to build the farm for you this thread would be illegal
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  9. i could build u one for 400k then u dont have to supply anything
  10. 400k? What are the stats?
  11. I just remembered I had this thread so bump! Still looking for one (That is not public)
  12. There are various forms of Iron Farms. the more advanced ones require some personal knowledge to operate/maintain. You'd be looking for a very simple one you simply afk at right?

    Most people do not 'measure' how much iron they get per hour. So most people cannot tell you what it produces.

    Going by vanilla spawn rates of golems, an optimal farm will drop a golem aprox every 6 mins. a 16 village conventional stacked farm will drop 16 golems every 6 mins = 1 every 23s, with an average of 3.5 ingots per golem = 1 ingot/ 6.4s.
    1 stack of iron blocks will take 62 mins (aprox 1 hour).

    However, this is in ideal conditions of a single player world where the only active chunks are those with the villages in. But more villages in the world affect golem spawning. As well as farm design. In my experience, you do not get ideal conditions in EMC. And more advanced farms 'break' a lot.

    If you want a farm built, I can do that, for decent price. But I would not guarantee any particular rate of drops. As I know it will vary.

    What the most you are willing to pay for a optimal basic farm?
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  13. How much would be looking for? I'll pay for materials and of course your labor.
  14. The materials cost is nothing compared to build cost. a stacked village farm will require the lowest village at around level 60 or lower. Ideally the golems will be moved a further 32 blocks below that to maximise spawning. Which entails hollowing out some underground area. The entire build will spread across an area aprox 110 x 110 square from near bedrock to max height. (which requires building at deadly heights).

    A quote of 400k isn't far off the cost.
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