[buying] Iron Farm! Very efficient needed!

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  1. Hey farmers! So i am looking to have someone build me an iron farm with about 20-25 cells. it needs to be very very efficient. I am tired of using the utopia one that gets griefed and that is used by other players. I am willing to pay around 80k. Please comment below or PM me if you are interested :) i would prefer a pm ;)
  2. Not sure this is even possible?
    Entity limit is 250, with villagers for 25 cells your already near the limit :/
  3. Oh...then OP is edited :p
  4. Welllll, I know of a public iron farm on Utopia, it's very efficient.
  5. Like it says in the OP im tired of the public utopia one :/
  6. If possible I would like a replica of the utopia one..with maybe a few extra cells
  7. I'll talk to you about this on skype if you have time and haven't had an offer yet.
  8. Can you please pm me? I can't go on skype right now :( i have had no offers yet either