[BUYING] Ink Sacs & Glass Blocks for 2222

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  1. Hello,

    nick_godoy and I are working on finishing our four res mall at 2222 on smp1. We need lots and lots of ink sacs, regular glass blocks, and black glass blocks to complete the roof. If you would be interested in selling these items for the following prices:

    Ink Sacs - 7r per sac or 448r per stack
    Regular Glass Blocks - 80r per stack
    Black Glass Blocks - 135r per stack

    Please sell them to us at residence 1517 on smp1. If you would like to donate any of the materials instead of selling them, please message me on site and we can discuss the details! All donations are super helpful! We appreciate your interest in this thread and hope that you will help us out in our build!

    Thanks all!