[Buying] Infinity I book

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  1. I am offering 1.25-1.5k. If you offer less, please reply!
  2. Lol...
    And I need one too XD
  3. Dang, I only sell infinity II books.
  4. i got a bow with it, but it has more than just infinity like powr IV and i think punch or unbreaking II not bad asking 1.5 k for it
  5. Wow, it's great to see you unbanned. I have never really talked to you nor do I know you very well, but I do know you have been active in the forums for a ridiculous amount of time considering how long you were banned in game. At 18903, I have set up an access chest with an Infinity I book inside. No payment is needed.
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  6. I'll buy one!