[ Buying ] Infinity Bow

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  1. Hello,

    I was just looking to purchase a bow with the Infinity enchantment. The other enchantments on the bow are of no importance, however, I don't wish for the value to exceed 700r. Also, if the bow has no enchantments but Infinity, that will do. I, however, do request that the bow is completely unused.

    In short: Buying Bow: Unused, Infinity enchantment (other enchantments are ok), max 700r

    Please reply if you wish to sell me such a bow,

    (Please note: I will pay up to 700r, but that does not mean that if your bow matches my demands, that I automatically pay the full 700; I will look to pay its approximate value.)
  2. So basically you want a valuable bow for a dirt cheap price but you reserve the right to pay even less. Excuse me if i don't jump at this wonderful opportunity.
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  3. Infinity is worth around 20k, not 700
  4. on the contrary to previous posts, I will sell you a plain infinity I bow for 600r

    (you can find it for sale at my shop @14095 (smp7)