[Buying] Infinity Bow

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  1. I am looking for an Infinity 1 bow. Name your price and where I should pick it up at.
  2. No one wants to sell me a bow?
  3. I have a infinity one bow I can sell you, how about 750r for it?
  4. I have a infinity power 3 how much you want for it?
  5. Would you take 500r?
  6. any of these still for sale
    ill give you 1k
  7. Dude, what the hell? Make your own thread.
  8. How much would you take for it?
  9. Infinity 1 Power 4 costs only 660r in my shop - 12162 @ smp6
    Come soon, there is only 1 left :)

    PS: Infinity isn't that important - you can buy loads of very cheap quality arrows at the mentioned address :)
  10. I should probably post that I am no longer in the market for a bow.