Buying infinite villagers!

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  1. Hey guys! I am in need of a few villagers.
    Bottle O enchanting
    Diamond tools (all except hoe)

    PM me if you can make these for me. We will discuss price in the Pm!
  2. The diamond tools are extremely expensive per villager to make infinite as there are a lot of expensive blacksmith trades. See the other thread to read more about that. If you can supply me with everything I may have enough time Friday to do them free of charge.
  3. Really? I would gladly do that. I just want the glowstone and bottle o enchanting in that case
  4. Same with Exp villagers, I cant tell you how long it took me to get mine.
  5. I just made a paper villager, don't know how to create those...
  6. well with a glowstone and xp they can be the same villager you would just need to trade the last one whatever it was
  7. like if glowstone was the last xp would be in there but it would be infinite necessarily
  8. In my experience these don't take a lot of resources, just time. In my case my brother broke my 4 infi bottles o enchanting villager so i spent 4 days of absolute madness trying to get him back. It took a dc of emeralds and I ended up getting infi bottle villagers 7 times, but every time the trade was only for 2 or 3 bottles so I kept resetting. I basically ended up losing my mind but I eventually got it. Long story short these villagers are incredibly difficult to get and are incredibly frustrating to make, just make sure if you do find someone to make one you are willing to wait a bit for it.
  9. I am willing! I still need some!
  10. You are going to hate life after you read this, but the trades get better after using it 10-15 times on average...
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  11. How do you trade a villager? In other words, how do you get him on your server/res?
  12. You would have to do it on one server, it can not move...
  13. Can you even move villagers to another res on the same server?
  14. Yes via a lead...
  15. It was my understanding that you couldn't lead villagers in Minecraft. Maybe it's enabled on EMC - I haven't tested. I also thought villagers warped back to their home reses if they wandered off.