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  1. I am desperate for one of these!! I already know a few people who who do it.
    But...... They either quit or take longer than a month.
    I am offering 30k (That's a lot it's usually 25k)
    Please PM me if you know someone who does it or you yourself can do it. Thanks :)
  2. Who provides materials for 30k?
    Books, written books, emeralds and/or paper
  3. Many people don't provide materials and it's only 25k. You will have to provide them yourself
  4. I may be interested, pm me
  5. BUMP come on guys 30k is a lot! :eek:
  6. I will get this done, I've made many. Msg me here if you want it done, I can get it done as soon as tomorrow if we work it out.
  7. BUMP new rule no going over 35k...
  8. What?
    I didn't post cause I thought these other guys took the job, but I don't understand this post. I may be interested. Let me see if I can get supplies for a tough-to-create villager for a good enough price.
  9. I suppose I could do it for 28k, but only if you supply materials
  10. Why not 35k?
  11. I would do it absolutely free of charge if you supplied the materials. If you require me to supply the materials you would pay me as I go and I would only charge you mall prices for the materials. I don't do these for personal benefit remember, I often actually ask for less than I spend on supplies.
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  12. As someone who used to make infinite villagers as a form of income, do not nickel and dime this guy. 25k is still a great price for an infinite villager. For me or someone with fairly good experience, an infinite villager takes as little as five minutes and a max of thirty minutes. I charged 25k for a little bit, and the highest amount of rupees it ever cost me to make an infinite villager is 10k. On average I make between 15k-20k profit at that price. If you supply materials, the villager you are making should cost no more than 10k. I am surprised nobody has taken your offer :confused:
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  13. As Olaf said we used to do this a lot :p
    Boozle is giving you a pretty great deal too as it's pretty inexpensive if you supply the materials. If you can't supply the materials or you simply don't want to let me know. I have the time lately and also the materials laying around so PM me if you need someone.
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  14. WOW! That's a lot LESS than what hero and Mann wanted it for :) I may just do both offers but for now Olaf you got the job. il set up a PM soon.
    Also Boozle How much supplies do you need?
  15. Sorry for the double post but Sam how much would you want from me to buy the materials?