Buying Infinite Trade villager

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  1. Looking to pay someone to make a infinite Paper trade villager on Smp1 I'm paying 50k and or upwards of 75k for this service.
    Paper -> Emerald
    Trade is what I'd like.

    Let me know if your willing to do this. Payment will be made only after the villager is made and tested.
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  2. I will do it , if you still need this service
  3. How can you do this? If you eggify won't they come out different?
  4. You get permissions, and make them on that persons res:) your correct, egging them will change their trades
  5. I will also do this
  6. Hasnt infinite villagers been removed?
  7. It won't function like a 1.7 infinite trade. The first trade will always be paper now. Then to unlock it, you will have to trade 2 other trades to re-unlock the paper trade. This will also affect the 1.7 villagers that you might still have. Example: I used to have a librarian who had gold for his first trade and paper for his final trade. Now, if I trade with him, more trades will unlock and to keep paper open, I will need to trade other trades to re-open.

    Hope this helps.
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