[BUYING] Independence Items!

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  1. Hello all, I am buying the Independence Day armour and sword! See below how to sell to me and to get a rough idea on pricing :)

    Freedom Blades - /v 18318, buying unused blades for 16,000r, just sell to the chest!
    Independence Armour - PM me in-game or on-site with offers, looking to pay about 10,000r for each unused piece though I will buy used armour if you give me a decent offer! Now only buying Freedom Blades!

    On a side note, Dragon Stone Fragments are still being purchased in association with DSFAM (Dragon Stone Fragment Awareness Month) at 18200 on the Gift Shop floor for 3,000r each!
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  2. What hPpens if its warning lore version
  3. Of what? The sword or armour? If it is the sword then you cannot sell it because the shop sign only buys the normal swords. If it is the armour then:
    The price would probably be lower because I am not particularly looking for them but that's up to you :)
  4. Sell your Blades before there is no space left! ;) If you have a darker version or chest version you want to sell then please drop me a PM, thanks :)
  5. Darke version?
  6. Darker red font. The /shop version has dark red writing in the name and the /promo has light writing.
  7. Still buying ;)
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  8. I have a set of armor, if you would like to see, go to /v 13355 then go underground to the promo room I have made. :)
  9. Hmm, I see, I was looking for them on sale though? ;)
  10. Those in the room are the only ones, if you would like to purchase them, please give me offers.
  11. If you read the original post, it will tell you how much I buy each piece for on average.
  12. The helmet and chest plate are 100% unused just taken out of the chest. The leggings and boots I bought but they have no wear on them, would you like to come and purchase them about 10k a piece like it says you will above?
  13. So all of it is completely unused but out of the original chests or? I would buy the full set for 30k, 2.5k off of each one for a bulk deal. 4 x 2.5 = 10 So 40 - 10 = 30 :)
  14. Yes, the helmet and chest plate are unused but taken out of the original chest. The leggings and boots I'm 99% they were in a chest and taken out of for me to purchase.

    Could we move it up to about 32k?
  15. If none of them have any durability bar on them then sure I will do 32k :) I will come online now.