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  1. Hey guys!

    I accidently spawned my unspawned Incitatus while moving him between chests and now I need a new unspawned one. Since I don't have a need for the Incitatus I spawned I can offer him in a trade for a unspawned one + some money. The stats on the one I will be willing with trading with are:
    Type: Horse
    Description: Gray White
    Speed: 130
    Jump: 63
    Health: 22
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  2. Bump!
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  3. Bump!
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  4. Bump!
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  5. Bump! Guys seriously I will pay well.
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  6. How much will you pay extra?
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  7. I have a unused for sale, PM me with your offer and we can talk about it.
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  8. Do you guys mind competing for offers?
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  9. If pascal says what price he wants, I'll say whether I'll go lower, or if its to low for me :)
  10. lol how do you accidentally spawn an horse D:
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  11. I was shocked myself ;)
    When your very tired...
  12. Okay, the my spawned horse and 10k for the unspawned Incitatus, someone claim my offer :p
  13. *Thinks of those three infinite villagers I used to have*
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  14. 10k
  15. Ok, I'll pass this time :)
  16. BCR drives a hard bargain.