buying in wild

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  1. i have a idea were u can buy anything you want from the town shop even if you in the wild eg
    /buy item amount and it gives you fees for shipping idk uh but anyways sounds good?
  2. a poll would have been great so we got a feel of who is against or supports this
  3. This would probably be denied for the same reason that we can't use the vault in the wild (although this will be slightly changed with Ender Chests): we're a "French vanilla" server, and shipping items to players in the wild is not very vanilla.
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  4. how do i make a poll?!
  5. Agreed. It most definitely will be frowned upon. Takes away too much from gameplay.

    I like where his head was at though, as he clearly thought out a way to make it more feasible.
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  6. im not quite sure maybe pm another player or a mod I've never needed one so i don't know how to make it also it would most likely be rejected as someone can just buy whatever they wan't say they run low on food they can just buy more whenever unless a specific area such was made but that seems like to much hassle for something that most won't likely even use it would take away a certain level of difficulty from the wilderness
  7. i just made a poll its at the bottom when you make a new thread
  8. It's at the bottom of the create a thread. Also, ask a mod to lock this thread luke, as you have posted two.