Buying in bulk.

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  1. Does anyone know were i can buy Nether Brick in BULK?
    i need a TON for a project im doing :) so let me know if you know were i can get it please :)
  2. I would suggest checking out the large shops around EMC. My best bets would be:

    AlexChance 4005 smp2
    BeLugh & Dreamytje 14141 smp7
    Leowaste 3456 smp2
    thecontroller (don't know his res #) smp5.
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  3. 10030 is thecontr shop
    lusara 10410 smp5
  4. Normallyi would recommend 14649 on smp7 (my shop) as normally I would have like 10+ stacks in stock but I am sold out ATM
    But you should try 14141. On smp7 they sell pretty much every item and I ALWAYS can buy what I need there they are always in stock ( like I intend to be one day.......) :p
  5. Well I can't help you with that unless U wanna buy a stack :p just go get some from a stronghold or just the bridge near spawn ( replace with dirt etc. )
  6. I can show U for a pay ? :DDDD
  7. thats what im talking about buying in stacks... but im not out completely yet so im goo for now prob need some in the newt day or two. :D
  8. Oh you said bulk :p
  9. How many stacks do you need?