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  1. i'm hoping that someone could help me this time,

    i need 10-13 stacks of red flowers
    and 10-13 stacks of yellow flowers
    i'm also going to be needing 10-13 stacks of oak leaves..

    i need a double chest amount of sand

    i'd greatly appriciate if someone could supply these items to me ASAP
    pricing can be negotiated
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  2. I can help you with the Oak Leaves. If you want to collect the flowers yourself, I have a bunch of bones you could use for bone meal.
  3. is 64 rupees per stack of oak leaves sound fair to you?
  4. I got around... 20ish stacks of bones, that should give you enough bone meal to make those flowers.

    More work but yeah... each bone meal usually gives me like 3-4 flowers of random color.
  5. More than fair. I'll put them in a chest just inside my front door.
  6. let me know when you have it set up and what server and res number, and let me know what you'd like paid.
  7. i've got a ton of bone meal too, i was just trying to see if i can take an easier way out, or if someone was in need of rupees or whatever. lol but no one ever seems to be in need.
  8. smp7, res 14870. Pay whatever you think is fair or surprise me with a trade. I could use some lily pads if you have them.
  9. I'm fire, and I support this message.
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  10. i got them, and thank you. but sorry, i don't have any lily pads :( or i'd give them all to you.
  11. Hooray flowers! I could use some more flowers :)
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  12. 10x10 sealed dark room - Right click and hold bonemeal in the middle - Lots of flowers
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  13. yes moose, yes, flowers, tons of flowers for your gardens ^.^
  14. ....... you are freaking genius. the hell did i NOT think of this before?!
  15. you can buy cheap roses from my shop - 12162 @ smp6 - 25r / 10 roses

    sand is 50r/stack, almost full double chest is available
  16. Just tested it in 1.3.2 - You need to have a piston opening and closing one part of the wall now for it to work - Still works really well though,
  17. Why is the piston required? Does it have to work like a door or can it be static?
  18. Because it lets light in long enough for the grass to grow - But I'm not sure why it destroys it.
  19. So you open it, bone meal the grass, then close it to uproot the plants. Gather, then repeat?
  20. You put the Piston on a 6 or so tick redstone clock - Hold right click and pick the flowers up every minute or so.
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