Buying in bulk - TNT or Sulphur

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  1. 50r per TNT block, or 10r per sulphur. I'm looking for stacks on stacks on stacks of this stuff. :p
    I'd say.. I'm buying about.. 5 stacks of TNT, or 1600 pieces (25 stacks) of Sulphur.
    Buying for 16,200 rupees. (16k)

    I'm also looking for some efficiency 3/4/5 shovels.
    Buying for 1,000 - 2,000 rupees. (1k - 2k) Depending on which efficiency we're talking about.

    I play on different servers, 3, 5, and 8, so the best way to contact me would be to respond to this thread, or PM me on the site.
  2. Sweet! all that creeper hunting has paid off! I'm on smp7...Ill get u some sulphur and ill try to bring it over some time when ur on...
  3. Hah, I'm on right now. ^_^ I'd be very pleased to meet you as well! :D
  4. I could possibly help you out with the shovels. I'll just need to grind for a while and then throw enchantments at them.
  5. I'll be on tomorrow. Going to sleep for now.
  6. 50r tnt @ Smp1 - 414 - 10 for 500r. around a 100 pieces.
  7. i can sell you 5 stacks tnt when i come online.
  8. O.O, what are you planning Max lol
  9. She is planning to follow in IcecreamCow's wicked ways. We must prepare for the worst!
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  10. Close.. I'm blowing up my residence for various reasons... ;)
  11. Not the tree!!?
  12. Oh Ra no. I'd never in Anubis's name blow up my beautiful tree. It's over on smp3, 6730. The enter/leave messages are amazing, imo. :D
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  13. Speaking of the tree.... I want to live in it.
  14. Still looking to buy 5 stacks of TNT or 25 stacks of Sulphur.
  15. Still buying. I have a chest set up on smp3 at residence 6730.