[Buying] Iday Promos

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  1. You can sell your Iday promos to me at 1577 on smp1 but some signs don't work or something so I'll make a thread with the prices.

    Iday Helmet: 8k
    Iday Chest plate: 10k
    Iday Leggings: 8k
    Iday Boots: 8k
    Iday Sword: 13k
    Iday Firework: 6k
    Empire Iday Firework: 6k

    All have to be UNUSED. If you're interested pm me in game or on the site or comment below :p

    Happy freedom day!!
  2. You can buy every armor piece for 60k on it's own. Your pricing makes every item be 57k.
  3. Wat.
  4. You can buy only the armor pieces for 60k, and everything there is a total of 57k.
  5. Still not catching on. All my prices are less that /shop soo
  6. Nvm