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  1. I'm buying an ICC head, I don't want to pay too much for them since there are like 20-30 heads out there now. I'm looking at the neighborhood of 20k, around there. Post offers or start a conversation with my if you are interested :)
  2. 20 - 30 heads?!
    Not likely in the least. I'd say more around 14 to 16 heads.
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  3. There are at least 8+ new heads.
  4. I don't think someone would sell an ICC head for that low. I would say 100k is as low as someone would go. People would rather keep them for that price :3
  5. One went for 25k around 20 minutes ago, and one was offering to be sold for 50k worth in promo horses and stuff.

    Ruben has 4 alone, added to the 9 that were there + I know LOTS of people that got them in drops. I'd say 20 is a good estimate of the number of heads. 20k is a fair price + I'm open to negotiation. Please don't discuss the price if you aren't interested, thanks.
  6. Who sold theirs for 25k?! O:
  7. That's not exactly likely...
    You see, I am about to go into math stuff. And when I do that, I prove my point.
    In Vanilla Minecraft the head to death ratio is about 1:40. Now, in EMC, the "rare" drop ratio has been doubled to 1:20, or 2:40. Because of this, it makes sense that 7 heads dropped in the first head drop. Now, using this logic, 100 deaths, to 5 heads is a fair and estimate for both head drops, but, there is a probability to get more, or less. So, since 7 were dropped last time, and an estimated 7 to 9 dropped this time, my calculations are correct. There is only about 14 - 16 heads. So, in all honesty, there is "at least" 5 new heads from this event, with a high probability to have 2 or 3 more.
  8. *whines*

    I was gonna say that. :(

    EDIT: anyways, when was this?
  9. Deathiscalling, it was around there.
    Rubenhaz = 4 heads, Deathiscalling has one, Olaf has one, and many have posted screenshots on the forums of theirs. Please, explain to me how that works out with your math. Regardless of probability, technically any amount of heads from 1-100 could have been dropped, it just so happens that this time was over-par. Please do not post unless you are interested it spams up this thread for no reason, thank you.
  10. ...
    You know this is considered rude, by just saying "Please, explain to me how that works with your math."
    Not once did I ever complain about the price, but, just reasoning on the amount of heads dropped in EMC so far, it is true that any amount could have been dropped, however, I said that it is that of at least 5 for any head drop, with a high probability for more. I would like an apology for this, because it is inappropriate and it is just plain rude.
  11. In that stance, I'd also like an apology.
    This is over, if you'd like to discuss further you may do so in a PM. I'll get jack to delete all these non-sense posts tomorrow.
  12. Exactly what for?
  13. Exactly what I said.
    Stop posting here now, and as I already told you if you'd like to discuss further you may PM (dang you really don't like to listen to me)

    It's less posts that jack has to delete.
  14. I was saying that there were at least 8+ based off of forum posts and in game players who have good reps. :)
    If I find someone who is selling one, I will direct them this way. :)
  15. Thank you :)

    I'll get jack to delete the posts now
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