Buying Huge Amounts of Stone.

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  1. Just like it says I'm buying stack and stacks of stone. I'm paying 35r per stack and I have 5 double chests set up right now to buy what you want to sell to me. If you wish to sell to me please come to SMP3 Lot 6126 and right click on the signs in my shop. Thank you in advance and have a nice day.
  2. Buying price just changed to 40r a stack
  3. what kind of stone? the stronghold stone?
  4. I remember I was smelting stone for you... Then I played Skyrim. :(
  5. how much did you hate it? i know i hate it....
  6. Banned. (Unless you enjoy Skyrim. )
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  7. who? one more grave for the graveyard i guess.....
  8. no i mean actual stone like smelted from cobble
  9. i may be able to get you some