[Buying] Horses (See for additional info)

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  1. Hello! I'm looking for anyone who can sell me some horses/horse eggs at a reasonable price. I'm open to all offers, but, as I'm sure you know, I will not take any old horse for a high price.
    The horses I'm looking for:
    -Any color (Can also be donkey or mule)
    -Do NOT have to be tame (but they can be)
    -Must have at LEAST ONE of the following:
    •20+ (so over 20) HP
    •Over 3.5 Jump Strength
    •Be pretty fast (I don't know how speed is measured in the horses/how fast is TOO fast, so I'll have to trust you guys on this one.) {Maybe...120+ speed?}

    If the speed I mentioned is too much, it must be faster than my current horse.

    I am also willing to trade items for the horses. I'm open to negotiation.

    And, on a slightly unrelated note, does anyone have a shop where I can sell ores, stone, wood, etc?

    I apologize for the many colors. I made the important parts different colored to stand out a bit.

  2. Hit me up on SMP7 at /v thistle_bristled . We have what you need.
  3. Hey mate hit me when im online i can do you some good r3asonable bulk orders... horse world 2403 smp1
  4. /v 11192 has 20HP+, reasonable speed and reasonable jump horses for 25r per. Limited supply. :p