[BUYING] Horses and Donkeys

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    I need horses or donkeys with any the following stats (list may change):


    Speed: ≥116
    Jump: ≥100

    Speed: ≥120
    Jump: ≥90

    Speed: ≥125
    Jump: ≥85

    Speed: ≥130
    Jump: ≥80

    Speed: ≥137

    Speed: ≤50

    Speed: ≥110
    Jump: ≥80
    HP: ≥30

    Used/Unused Rudolph


    Speed: ≥120

    Speed: ≤55
    Just post here or message me to talk stats and prices: Message fishmeal.
  2. how much will an unused dancer be?
  3. Sadly, Dancer doesn't make the cut for my breeding project.
  4. I have a 132 (I've already spoken to you about that one), and a few crawlers (under 60 speed). I'm pretty sure I have a few 30 and 31 HPs too :)
    Anyways, you know where to find me if you want to buy any :D

    I have an unused roudolph, how much are you willing to spend?
  6. I could do with the slowpokes.

    Throw a number at me. I'm going to use it, so nothing too crazy.
  7. Ok, I'll come find you in 5 mins (will be afk till then)
  8. I was brewing some coffee and you got offline. I do want the 54, 55, and still those donkeys if you've got them.

    Also, does anyone know the slowest possible horse in EMC units?
  9. I own two 47s for breeders, and the slowest I've gotten from them before is a 51 (although that's been lost in the DC's of horse eggs on my res :p ) I think the slowest is a 45 that I know of (I'm unsure of who owns it), but there may be slower.
  10. That makes sense with what I was told by some others. They said the absolute minimum possible was 40. Thanks.
    Just name some prices for all those and let me know.