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  1. I'm in need of a horse, following the demise of my previous steed. I'm posting here in hopes of obtaining a replacement with similar stats, which are the following:
    Speed: 127
    Jump: 60
    Health: 19
    If anyone has a horse like this for sale, please post a comment to let me know. Prices can be negotiated.
  2. I have a horse better than that, but it's speed is 109 or something around that. Will that do?
  3. Try chizmaro or ArtemisV if you want horses :p
  4. I'll gladly sell you my horse that has 119 speed and like 70 jump and 20 or so hp. 42 r minimum!
  5. I have this horse..... 2014-05-31_13.50.56.png
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  6. I have acquired a new horse, and I thank you all for you offers.
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