[Buying] Horse Armour

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  1. Hey Everyone

    I'm buying ALL types of horse armour, Iron, Gold, And Diamond.

    If you have any of these please PM me and we will arrange a price. I'm buying as many as I can get my hand on so message me if you got any!

    Thanks! :)
  2. I currently have 5 diamond and a single chest of each, gold and iron in my shop on smp4 at res 8703

    I could be flexible with a bulk purchase price, how much did you want and make your offer.
  3. smp4 #9000 has horse armors in stock on the armor&tools floor, feel free to buy as you wish :)
  4. Not being rude I love your store probably one of the best one all the SMP's but your prices are too high sorry but thank you! I would be intersted in a bulk buy discount though if you're intersted?
  5. I think I have a few gold
  6. Okay how much were you looking for?
  7. I will send you a PM to discuss further details :)
  8. I think I have 2 gold.
    Is 1.5k a each good?