{BUYING} Highlancer54 head

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  1. if anyone has his head ill buy it from you,just pm me c:
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  2. He does not give heads out. All players that have one is under conditions.
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  3. Yeah I think those of us tat hvae them either got them before he was mod (there were like 2). Or we just pestered him till he finally caved. I did both :p
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  4. You have a prominent museum though. That makes a big difference :)
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  5. :c well dang it,i wanted to put his head on my waifu wall next to toades
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  6. Actually it was more of the fact that we've been friends since he joined :p. II know that there were plently of museums that he didn't give them out to.
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  7. Its more than just having a museum ;).
    I look at the player, and a factor was whether they have given back to the community in unique and various ways :D.

    Then again, my head is only worth 10k, so no biggie :p.

    Yes, there I think were around 5 players who got one in "legitimate" ways. We played so much, that at one point or another, I died from mobs (or those dang stairs) in which a head legitimately popped off in which they got one. I always let them keep it, although every single player offered it back to me. Some have gone derelict and those are gone forever. Others I watch to see if they will go derelict, and been a pretty close call for a few.
    Only others that had a chance at one, had to face me in the PVP fair arena. Was a 'best of' number of rounds. To date, only one player was able to claim one that way.

    I have been planning some events (started around christmas time but sidetracked with the 1.8) as many have asked me for one, but wanted to make it horrible fun for people to earn them. My thoughts have forked two directions, and so perhaps I may do two types of challenges. One of them, you wont may not survive it.

    I do like the sounds of Toade being my neighbor though!
    Hey, are the heads on armor stands with leather color coordinated armor? That way, while you are out adventuring, my head does not get lonely and may move about to play some leap frog with Toade's head???
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  8. :p

    I can make one for toade & I for you tonight when I get on so you can play leap frog all day & night. Which colored armor would you want?
  9. Hes waiting for you Lancer :p
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