[ BUYING ] heaps of gold and diamond blocks

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  1. hey guys I'm buying heaps of diamond and gold blocks for a house, plz pm me if u have some
  2. Did you win
  3. Just look on your front page I posted soming there.
  4. Is that your dog it is very cute and funny but funny in a good way.
  5. yeh it is :) he's a little terror :) his name is metro
  6. Hahahahahahahahaha
  7. I have diamond blocks, 405r for a diamond block?
  8. yes how many u have?
  9. Come to my res 16803! I have about 8 stacks of diamonds.
  10. I am making a huge mall I will need diamond blocks gold blocks and iron blocks
  11. right now i need gold :/
  12. Ok good luck!
  13. Buy now!! I have some avaliable!
  14. plz do not hijack threads -.-
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  15. I have 5 stacks of diamonds, I can get more..... Can you make a sell chest in your res?
    Whats your res number?