[BUYING] Headless Horseman Masks & Pots of Gold

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Which one do you like most?

Headless Horseman Mask (2014) 2 vote(s) 33.3%
Pot of Gold (2015) 4 vote(s) 66.7%
  1. Hey EMC!
    I am buying Headless Horseman Masks and Pots of Gold, as said in the title :p.

    You can either PM me or reply to this thread.
    Please include how many you want to sell of each item, and an offer.

    I don't have too much money at the current moment, so the cheaper the offer is, the better!
    But of course, it has to be reasonable. Unless you are trying to get rid of one, then I will take it for 1r :D

  2. I'll sell you a mask for 28k.
  3. I remembered that they price around 20k...
  4. Now days they go for 30kish.
  5. how much will u pay
    for a pot of gold
  6. 15-18k
  7. Please bro.
    I don't have too much money. :(
  8. 25k is the lowest I'll go.
  9. Check my "[SELLING] Promos" thread that I made recently if you want to buy some Pot o Golds. =) I've got tons.