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  1. When 1.7 comes out I'll be buying hardened clay by the DC, I'll need 32 DC's so if anyone wants a job or somewhere to sell it in bulk I'm open to buy it. Send me a PM when you have a bit and we'll discuss price.
    Remember in 1.7 you'll be able to mine hardened clay like sand as long as you have a beacon nearby with haste 1 and a goodish pick so It'll be quite easy to bulk gather (in 1.7)
    Note: this is hardened clay only, the unstained type.
  2. Bump so people can see
  3. What price are you offering?
  4. Send me a PM and we'll discuss it
  5. I probably won't do that. :) don't like negotiations. Just want a price, and it's yes or no. :)
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  6. I can sell you about 5 DCs for 15k a DC :)
  7. I'm not paying that much. I know its a newish block and there's lost of excitement about it but its easy to mine and although mesa's are rare, they're packed with the stuff. I just mined 2 DC's in no time. I'd probably pay 10k/DC
  8. ok. i'll take that as being 10k/DC for us also? :) we have a few DC's for you already, won't take long to get 32
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  9. i got 1 to sell 10k and im gatherin more
  10. Where abouts?
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