[BUYING] Ham Hacker 15k

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  1. Hey guys, do you need some fast money? Well, look no further than 18623 to sell your Ham Hackers! I have placed the sell price at 15k, which is reasonable. To sell me your Ham Hacker, just do /v 18623 on SMP9 and right-click on the chest right in front of you when you spawn on my res. Yes, the sign's name is BubbleNinja13, but that is my alt, no need to be deterred. Happy selling!
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  2. How much do they sell for in the shop. I cannot get on right now so I am just wondering.
  3. I believe Aikar didn't add it to Shop, so there is no price for it.
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  4. They're in shop, 20k
  5. Ooh that is pricey! Thanks!
  6. My pleasure. :)
  7. Oh, when I checked, they weren't in Shop. Thanks for the news NetherSpecter :)
  8. Bump, if you have a Turkey Slicer dropped from a Super Turkey or the slip of paper found in the feast chests (which I believe is called Feast for a King), PM me or post on this thread, hopefully we can iron out a deal.