[Buying] Halloween Pumkins and treats!!!!

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  1. Hi EMC I am buying halloween pumpkins for 6750r and also buy treats pm for prices on those buying the pumpkins on smp4 9500 mega mall!!!!!
  2. bump higher price now...
  3. I'll sell one for 12k not a rupee lower.
  4. no way! I gotta make money on these :p
    edit: This is a JOKE
  5. Thats actually not a bad price, rather than being a bit rude you can always negotiate.
  6. sorry I was joking :/ but he said hes not going any lower and the lowest if he did drop would most likely be 10k therefore I do not want to buy it.
  7. I have some candy...bone,flesh,gunpowder,spider eye...how much are you paying?
  8. like 25r each because it only takes 10 mins to get like 5 pieces atm
  9. Ok nvrmind