[ BUYING ] Grinder

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  1. I am buying a grinder the requirements are below
    -Price range 10k to 50k
    -It can be any type besides spider
    -Can't be on smp2 or utopia
    And last has to be a grinder
  2. Do you have a preference about specific mob and server (besides not being spider?)? I don't have one that I want to sell at the moment, but I'm up for a scouting adventure, and I do like building grinders.
  3. I have à zombie grinder on smp1 for sale
  4. I'll Check with a friend when he comes on;line. He will most likely accept this offer.
  5. My and a friend have 2 zombie grinders ( setted up ) near eachother....

    I will talk to him...
  6. I just found a single zombie spawner. I could set it up for you this evening if you like. I'll sell it cheap ;)