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  1. Hello everyone of EMC. I am remaking my signature and i need a couple graphics.

    1st Graphic: I would like this to be a graphic of my name. I would also like for it no incorporate something with this robot unicorn. I would like it to be about as large as size 5 font. (Preferably a robot unicorn running and my name being written in the rainbow that is behind it).

    2nd Graphic: This one would be fore my dragon cave eggs. I would like this one to be saying "Click my eggs" or something around that. it would be great if it could be a little smaller font but other than that just a cool graphic saying click my eggs.

    I will be paying 4,000 rupees to whoever has the best first one and 3,000 rupees to whoever has the best second one. Pm me the graphics or just post them in the thread i really don't care. Good luck and thank you for your time.