[Buying] Gold ingots

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  1. I am buying gold ingots 15r each at 4393 on SMP2
    Sell me them until you run out
  2. Good price! I dont have any thought
  3. Gold Ingots go for 18-20r. You wont find a shop with gold in stock with 15r each. Sorry :S
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  4. I sell them for 12r
  5. Yes this is exactly why

    When was the last time you had more then a stack of ingots for a while. People keep shops clean of gold below 15r for month.
  6. 3 weeks ago I had a stack and half
  7. All I'm saying as Thread Owner wants to buy a lot obviously, he should be aware that gold isnt that easy to get. I got 54 Stacks of Ingots for 18r an Ingot. You have a small chance to find a shop with some ingots for less then that but you have to be at the right place at the right time. And trying to buy big amounts like this takes for ever. I'm building a temple with 2700 Blocks of Gold. I spend month getting this gold and have some experience in getting it.

    @ super Thats been lucky you have that once in a while and then u have times you dont get any gold below 22r average is 18r. Just trying to help guys ;) No offense
  8. Also just warning you you are attacking my prices and that is breaking the rules on the products forum so if you do it again i will report kthxbai