[Buying] Gold Ingots/Ores

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  1. bought them all, thanks to those who sold.
  2. Bought about 10/54 stacks, still looking for more! Bump.
  3. buy some at 4454 smp2
  4. Sorry, but i wont buy gold ingots in small quantities at your given shop price (you have less than 1 stack)

    Bump. 15/54 stacks bought
  5. Updated price, paying 12r per ingot now. Bump
  6. bump. 21/54 stacks bought
  7. i have 16 blocks if that interests you
  8. Yes it does, if you come to my res there's a sell sign :)
  9. Or i could buy it from you directly if you have a shop.
  10. I sold you 2 stacks :)
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  11. thanks. bump