(Buying) Gold ingots, blocks, nuggets

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  1. Hi there. I'm buying anything that makes a gold block. Post or PM.

  2. why do you need gold? :p
  3. He needs it for building his towers on Utopia, that is 8 blocks a floor, and 50 floors.
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  4. I'll give an exact count in a bit.

    Edit: I need 157 gold blocks.
  5. i have diamond, iron, emerald and lapis blocks at 8200 smp4 if you need any of those
  6. Everything but gold?

    If anyone knows of a mall of shop just post the SMP and res#.
  7. you can visit 9000 smp4 they have tones of gold hopefully
  8. Bada bump. insert shop number here :D
  9. 8 shops, over 11,000 rupees, and more than thirty pages of rupee history later. I still need gold blocks. Estimated 40. Know of any shops? Please post here.
  10. i have some gold blocks i will sell to you