[buying] gold farm

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  1. Hey i would like for someone to build me a very efficient gold farm that i can afk at. If you can help me out please send me a pm and we can discuss prices and how we will do this. thanks :)
  2. just the farm or all the slabbing too?
  3. (Know this isn't my thread, but interested) could you list both prices? With and without and then slabbing or no slabbing
  4. All of it.
  5. if you wanted a piston based farm, i would have taken around 50-70r per piston to make one, no materials included.
    for the slabbing, i would have taken 200k r - it is SO boring to do.

    this is just what i want. but its not that hard to make one. i recommend building it your self.
  6. Ok well netherworld666 and i have started the process thanks anyway :)