[Buying] Gold & Emerald Blocks

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  1. Due to a recent and very generous gift of a beacon,
    I am now in need of some Gold and Emerald Blocks.

    - 56 Gold Blocks
    - 12 Emerald Blocks

    (This list may change as I look through my res and see what blocks I already have)
  2. I'll sell the 12 emerald blocks for 4200 rupees.
  3. Let me get back to you when I know for sure how many I need.
  4. It seems I only need 9 so far.
    So, based on the price you gave before;
  5. Oooops I made a little mistake there xD
    I actually meant 2400 rupees, which is like 22r per emerald.
    350 rupees per block is crazy, sorry xD
    So 2400/12 = 200
    200*9 =

    Again, I'm really sorry.
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  6. I didn't know...:oops:
    You could have got away with that lol.
    But thankfully you decided to be honest :p
    If I pay you now, can I pick them up soon?
  7. I'm online on smp2, come online and I'll hand you the blocks :)
  8. Lol. Nice honest people. This, is what EMC is.
  9. I will donate 56 gold blocks next time I am online.
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  10. You guys will make me blush :p
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  11. I don't know how to say thanks enough, so I hope this picture of Spongebob will do.
  12. And this is what I plan to do with all the blocks;
    A combined area for the beacon and future fireworks shows.
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  13. Actually, I just realised that I probably wont be online when you are.
    Would it to much to ask if I put up an access chest for you to put them in?