[Buying] God Armour

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  1. Hello blacksmiths, today I am interest in buying this items:
    • 1 Diamond Chestplate with Unb 3, and Protecion 4
    • 1 Diamond Leggins with Unb 3, and Protection 4
    • 1 Diamond Boots with Unb 3, and Protection 4
    • 1 Diaond Helmet with Unb 3, and Protection 4
    If you want to sell me this items, plz send me a pm or coment in the thread.
  2. I'll sell you each piece for 5k each. I have them ready right now
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  3. What res? and What server?
  4. Send me 20k and I'll send you all 4 armor pieces by mail
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  5. I will pay as soon I get online. 2 or 3 hours from this post. Also, can you prepare another set plz? I will pay you the 40k yes or yes.
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  6. Already done... Want a third :)?
  7. All paid. Plz mail me the sets of armours as soon you get online, thnx :D.

    Also, can a mod plz close this thread? Thnx everyone for your help :D.