(BUYING) god Armor,tools and bow

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Ice_Lightning99, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. so im buying:
    • god armor
    • god bow
    • god tools (sword, axe, shovel, fishing rod)
    Post ur price below
  2. People at 10089 on smp5 might be able to help.
    PM bro_im_infinite or mastermockery :3
  3. deal
  4. 5k per god armor piece which you can buy at 10101
  5. i looked at 10101... there are no signs up
  6. OK, I'll put it in a chest at my res on smp4.
    I'll rename it free for you, any suggestions?
  7. ok
    Name: Ice's Treasure
  8. 10017 sells god armor 5k a piece
  9. Fishing Rod? ummm.... 1.5k? Please get back to me ( Open for offers )
  10. 1k and we got a deal
  11. Oh Im sorry, I thought you were selling...